Where I’m at right now, & what I’m doing about it!


From all I’ve learned over the past five years, this is what is I understand has actually been going on in my body ;

My Autonomic nervous system is ‘sympathetic dominant’. This means that I’m in a constant state of ‘fight or flight’. Normally the body goes into a ‘parasympathetic’ state when you rest allowing the body to repair and recover. For some reason my body hasn’t been doing that.

My adrenal glands vary from completely depleted to ‘struggling’.
My mitochondria, which control the ADP to ATP cycle of energy production is/are blocked by Arsenic and chlorinated phenols.
I have candida in the gut which has caused a leaky gut syndrome.
Very low vitamin D and vitamin C.
Year 1, 2008/09 NHS, Buccestem for nausea & Tamazapan for movement. NHS Homeopath, Staphisagria.

Reflexology, holistic healing, hot Stones, Balancing,

Year 2, ’09-10 Complimentary therapist with a Quantom Z machine. Recommended wheat, dairy & sugar free diet & Cranial Osteopathy for Sympathetic dominant nervous system, and probiotics. Accupuncture. Private Dr recommends CoQ10 supplements, and suggests a classic ‘chemical poisoning’ case with my symptoms. Lymph massage.

Year 3, ’10-11. Cranial Osteopathy, fortnightly. Gupta Program- retraining the Amigdala response. Private GP following Dr Sarah Myhill’s protocol. Combination supplements

Year 4 ’11-12 Dr Sarah Myhill tests on mitochondria, finding Arsenic & Chlorinated Phenol toxicity blocking ATP & ADP production. Kinesiologist.

Year 5 ’12-13 Kenesiologist. Diet, supplements. Colonic irrigation. Counselling from the Matrix charity.Theta healing and hydrotherm massage therapies.

Possible Causes;

  • Mitochondria failure/ ATP-ADP production
  • Arsenic- possibly from shed,(treated timber), renovating old buildings, hair colourant, rice
  • Chlorinated phenols- pesticides, chlorinated water
  • Ehlers Danlos Syndrome?
  • Reaction to prolonged use of Asthma medication as a child
  • Vaccinations
  • Stress

Current Treatments

Diet. No wheat, cows milk or sugar- in any form ( dried fruit, tropical fruit & juices)
Daily meditation, breathing exercises. Daily oil pulling with coconut oil since January 2013.

NLP & positive thinking. EFT.(Emotional Freedom technique)
Homeopathy staphisagria LM7 & Gelsemium 200c

Acupuncture, pain control

Daily Epsom salt bath, pain control

Holistic Healing

Kinesiology, tests my body strength & weaknesses & what needs attention in what order.

Current daily supplements; Vitamin C 1000mg, Nutri Adrenal Support 100mg, Metabolics B complex, Oregano oil 300mg per day, Nutri Vitamin D drops 1000iu, Biocare Vitasorb A 2500iu, Staphisagria LM7 3 drops.


What I’ve learned….

Previous courses of supplements, each for 3-6 month periods minimum to see results.
Importance of laying flat, regularly.
Noise, ( more than one sound at once , voice or music) causes ‘jangly nerves’, parasthesia

Eye contact from talking or looking at computer, driving, sewing or reading
cause nausea

Walking or standing up too long cause dizziness, pain in joints & jelly legs.

Stress ( physical, mental or emotional) causes melt down.

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