Red mason bee

Swarm season Preparing my bees for the onset of spring, and in particular, the swarm season is my main activity right now. During the peak in May, I expect many calls from people who have suddenly found a swarm of bees land in their garden. Early call I was somewhat surprised to receive such a …

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Silent retreat

I could be rushing back home, it’s Sunday lunch time, and the ironing pile is calling me, or the garden could do with a weeding session, oh then there’s the dress I started making last week… of course there’s also my husband & sons, but what would I have learned for the past 2 days …

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Upside down bees

Last week I was informed by a farmer that one of my hives at an orchard had been blown over. We’d had some particularly strong and bitter winds the previous night and although I’d checked all my other colonies, I had neglected to travel further afield to check on this ‘wilder’ hive. This colony was …

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