natural beekeeping

Moving bees

Although the winter months are quiet for the bees with the temperatures too cold to fly, and little or no pollen or nectar available, you may think that it means a quiet time also for beekeepers. Not so! Winter is the time for moving bees, cleaning tools and empty hives whilst preparing for the next …

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A day with the bees

Over the weekend we had the most fabulous warm sunny weather. After a few weeks of varied weather, some sunshine some showers, the bees have been nipping in and out making the most of the sunshine when they could. Last weekend we saw the dandelions bursting into life and this for me signals the start of …

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Bee Gym

One of the biggest concerns for Beekeepers is the Varroa mite. Since I started beekeeping three years ago I was made aware of the various pests and diseases that your bees can be affected by, and the relevant treatments that are recommended to manage these. I have always been uncomfortable with using chemicals of any …

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