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Trees for Bees

Since working with bees, I seem to be noticing more and more nature around me. Each year a new herb, wildflower and tree seems to leap out at me. Last year it was Lime Trees and valerian. This year it’s sycamore and laurel. Sycamore blossom Noticing some incredible blossom on a grand ancient tree a …

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The past few days, many beekeepers have been on call for the first of the season’s swarms. We are often filled with wonder and a dash fear when thinking about a swarm of bees. Many of us have seen those images of people covered in bees or wearing a bee beard that’s not something I’ve …

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Tasting Chicago Honey I was given a selection of honeys from a fabulous expert beekeeper, Marcin Matelski last week in Chicago. We were both speaking at Grayslale Beekeeping Group. This sample is the sunflower, buckwheat and goldenrod.