Penny Brohn

Yesterday I had the absolute joy of visiting the Penny Brohn National Centre near Bristol. Their strap line is ‘Living well with Cancer’ and from what I’ve recently learned, they have certainly helped so many people regain their lives during and after cancer treatment. ” Through love and hope, the sparkle of life can flourish’   …

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Lilac Honey

We grow used to associating certain plants with months or days of the year, our powder blue  flag irises flower on my eldest son’s birthday, mid May.  Memories A favourite rose bush flowered at the end of May, sealed in my memory bank as my parents helped me unload a van with my paintings at midnight …

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Tasting Chicago Honey I was given a selection of honeys from a fabulous expert beekeeper, Marcin Matelski last week in Chicago. We were both speaking at Grayslale Beekeeping Group. This sample is the sunflower, buckwheat and goldenrod.

Silent retreat

I could be rushing back home, it’s Sunday lunch time, and the ironing pile is calling me, or the garden could do with a weeding session, oh then there’s the dress I started making last week… of course there’s also my husband & sons, but what would I have learned for the past 2 days …

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