Bees In Bhutan


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Wordwide: £10.00

A beautiful hard backed book, 210cm x 140cm, Fully colour illustrated book of Paula’s Quest for Bees in Bhutan. 25 chapters telling of the beekeepers, monks, nuns and locals met across this Himalayan paradise for bees and humans.

Bees In Bhutan


This is Paula’s latest book, published on September 20th 2019.

It charts her journey across Bhutan on a quest for honey bees. Learning about the various native species, Apis dorsata, Apis laboriosa and Apis cerana, Paula also learned that Apis mellifera, the European honey bee had also been introduced into Bhutan. Visiting temples, meditation caves, remote honey houses and beekeeping cooperatives, Paula shares her adventures illustrated with 75 colour photographs.

Hard backed book in full colour, a perfect companion to ‘Artist to Bees’.


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