Holistic Healing and the SC10 Machine

As Christmas looms I have now been given a new sense of control over my M.E.

Last Tuesday I visited Charlotte Jamieson, a holistic therapist, who 10 weeks ago, following telephone consultations, recommended a wheat, dairy and sugar free diet to aim to detox my body and ease some of my symptoms.

Once thoroughly de-toxed, I was taken by my mother and my husband to see Charlotte and be wired up to her SC10 machine.

The machine is a very small box that sat on her desk, with wires that were attached to my head, wrists and ankles and formed a circuit back to the box via her computer.

The machine was turned on and I did feel a tingling sensation in my arms and fingers. Many people apparently feel nothing, so the machine is very comfortable.

After four minutes the machine had tested the frequency of all the cells in my body. It works by assessing the frequency, knowing that infected cells and healthy cells have different frequencies. Also, each virus has it’s own frequency so it can give a very detailed analysis of the state of every cell in the body!

The findings were very interesting and the biggest finding was about the state of my nervous system. Normally our nervous systems are balanced between ‘Para sympathetic’, and ‘sympathetic’. During the daytime we are normally sympathetic, so on high alert and ready for anything. Then, when we rest or sleep, parasympathetic kicks in. My system is ‘sympathetic dominant’ and in such a state that even during sleep my parasympathetic system is not kicking in. This explains the ‘buzzing’ that I’ve been feeling in all my veins since I fell ill.

The machine also detected the presence of the Epstein Barr virus, commonly linked with glandular fever. The virus isn’t affecting my body yet because of the state of my nervous system, which is good news, until the nervous system is sorted!

The other problem, which Charlotte had foreseen, was a ‘leaky gut’. The diet has eased this by stopping toxic undigested foods leaking from my stomach into my blood stream. So a wheat, dairy and sugar free christmas coming up…

Her recommendation is for me to start a course of Cranial sacral treatments. By using a practitioner who specialises in the nervous system, the toxin build up in my skull can be eased releasing the pressure on my nervous system, well at least that’s how I understand it!

It has been such a relief to have some physical symptoms recognised and given the hope that it can be worked on.

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