Festive Flu

I appreciate that I am one of many who succumbed to one virus or another this festive season.

I was lucky not to fall ill until Dec 27th, but can confidently say it was flu due to my complete inability to get out of bed for much of the following fortnight!

Having enjoyed almost four years feeling healthier than my previous 46, and suffering no more than a ticklish throat or a couple of sneezes, I wasn’t expecting to take such a walloping dose as this.

I am not writing this to winge about symptoms or the frustrations of missing out on New Year celebrations or my inability  to return to work in the first weeks of January. I became interested in the emotions of Flu, and the relationship between symptoms and my emotions.

Confident of all my natural remedies, I went straight to bed and pampered my body with herbal tinctures, homemade fire cider, onion & garlic poultices, hot lemon and honey, buckets of elderberry and burning Frankincense to clear the air.

After a week, and no sign of improvement, but a change from head to chest, I reached out to my fellow herbal medicine students confirming my current protocol and adding tips of Kombucha but overall, REST.

We all too easily reach out when poorly feeling we need to do something and yet our bodies are normally more than capable of healing themselves, if only we would support it to do so.

I appreciate that not everyone holds this view and many would seek Doctors advice or medication, however, the last place I wanted to be was in a Doctors or hospital waiting room and then to be given antibiotics with little chance of altering the outcome.

Flu takes two weeks to recover from. It cannot be sped up or ignored. Complete rest, plenty of hydration and temperature control are what is most needed. Complete rest is just that, laying flat doing NOTHING!

It’s the doing absolutely nothing which most of us fail at. Watching TV, chatting on the phone, any phone or computer fiddling or even reading a book is NOT complete rest.

Once I accepted that I needed to blank out at least two weeks on my diary, I felt calmer and some small improvements.

Getting back to emotions, recent scientific research is confirming what naturopaths and complimentary therapists have know for a long time, emotions do affect our health.

Thinking about this could there be a reason for my falling so ill with flu, now?

My ‘go to’ book for any quick answer to linking an emotion with any ailment is Louise Hay’s ‘You can heal your life’ .

I looked up influenza and was quite startled to read: ‘ Response to mass negativity and beliefs. Fear. Belief in statistics’. The all too common symptom ‘fever’ read:Anger. Burning up. I had indeed described my first night of symptoms as a ‘raging’ temperature!

As my flu had developed into a cough, I then read:’Coughs: A desire to bark at the world. “Listen to me!”

It had just so happened that I had experienced an incident over the Christmas period where someone had made me very upset and angry with their negativity and a conversation in which I was unable at the time to respond appropriately, due to the social nature of the engagement, not to mention my shock at their comments. The desire to shout ‘listen to me’ was exactly what I was feeling, as well as a torrent of comments I wish I had been able to say at the time relating to the negativity and fear that was so generously shared with me.

So what are we meant to do in such situations? Many complimentary therapists believe that colds and flu are a way that the body can rapidly expel unwanted or no longer necessary emotions and belief systems, so I worked on thinking about the incident, how I could have responded to protect myself and my beliefs of the reality of the situation. We are not always able to respond with our own truths, when we’d like, and we do need to appreciate that not everyone is following the same path as ourselves. My friend most certainly wouldn’t have appreciated my view on all their problems, and would not have been prepared, or possibly equipped to receive my retort if I had been prepared or forewarned. I was a safe receiver for their own problems and they probably would be shocked and bemused to learn that their outburst upset me as much as it did.

I have returned to health all too aware of protecting myself from possible repeat incidences and also a renewed strength to clearly state and stop a conversation if I do not feel that it is in my interest to hear it. It’s a helpful exercise to be able to distinguish what is about us and what actually is more about the other person.

Since recovering from this bout of flu, I have shared my musings with others who also suffered with flu and interestingly, the rage and conflicts, sadly all too common when families get together over the festive period, were a common factor prior to their own illnesses.

I’m finally feeling fully recovered, it was a full two weeks of flu and the past week I was able to return to work, needing a little more sleep, and avoiding too much laughter to protect my aching ribs!


Have you had flu this winter? Let me know if any of my thoughts resonate or have helped you to connect emotions with illness.

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