Bee Lady

Telling the bees Unfortunately, I had reason to tell my bees of a dear friend’s passing recently. The tradition of telling the bees goes back far longer than anyone can remember. As my learning about bees increases, the more sense all these traditions make. It feels as if we are all just remembering past wisdoms …

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Bee Garden Party

The Bees for Development Garden Party is a key event in the calendar for everyone who is anyone in the ‘bee world’. Numerous bee friendly celebrities  attend at this major fundraising event for the worthy charity which helps establish beekeeping and pollinating businesses across the globe. Bees for development  assist in farming and small business …

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Art for arts sake

Having almost actively avoided art galleries for the past ten years, it came as quite a shock that I actually felt drawn to visit Chicago ‘s Institute whilst visiting this American city. Thankfully we arrived a day or so AFTER the record breaking polar vortex froze the city in temperatures below minus 26 centigrade, without …

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